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We are developer, importer, wholesaler and exporter 

Hoenderdaal Fasteners is a leading and growing family business in fasteners from Holland. Hoenderdaal is founded in 1966. We are the screw specialist in the Netherlands. Our well-known screw brands are Dynaplus; professional quality for the craftsman, and Rotadrill; the screw with the red tip.

Our 12,000 square metre logistics centre in Veenendaal houses a huge stock of fasteners. In this way, we supply wholesalers in hardware and building material on a daily basis in the Netherlands, Belgium and abroad. We supply more than 15,000 different types of fasteners from our stock.

At Hoenderdaal Fasteners we stand for high quality products, with a good service and delivery rate, at fair prices. We ensure the tightest possible supply chain and we work with a low cost structure through efficient processes and smart software and systems. We keep on innovatinng trough developing new products, shopconcepts and better screws and therefore we are ''TOO FAST(ener) TO FOLLOW''.