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Hoenderdaal bevestigingen

Hoenderdaal bevestigingen e.g. was founded in 1966 by Mr Cees van 't Hoenderdaal. At the time, Hoenderdaal started as a wood screw agency and was located in Driebergen.


Expansion bolt factory HUB

In 1976 Hoenderdaal also became specialists in the production of expansion bolts through the takeover of the HUB expansion bolt factory in The Hague.


Move to Veenendaal

The two branches 'Driebergen' and 'The Hague' were brought under one roof by the move to the Kernreactorstraat in Veenendaal. Until the mid-90s, our HUB bolts were still produced here. In addition, this location offered the space for an efficient trading stock of fasteners, with which we could serve the Dutch market.



For the origin of Hoenderdaal we go back to the last century. In 1966, the company was founded under the name Hoenderdaal Bevestigingen b.v. by Cees van 't Hoenderdaal Sr. and was based in Driebergen. At the time, Hoenderdaal was an agency in screws. In the initial period, the focus was mainly on wood screws, which were often sold in small packaging units to individual hardware stores and various chains. Over the years, the market for fasteners has changed considerably. The introduction of the chipboard screw in the 1980s caused a sharp drop in demand for wood screws. But the function of the wholesaler itself has also changed over the decades, and so Hoenderdaal changed along with the needs of the market.