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Hoenderdaal bevestigingen

Hoenderdaal bevestigingen e.g. was founded in 1966 by Mr Cees van 't Hoenderdaal. At the time, Hoenderdaal started as a wood screw agency and was located in Driebergen.


Expansion bolt factory HUB

In 1976 Hoenderdaal also became specialists in the production of expansion bolts through the takeover of the HUB expansion bolt factory in The Hague.


Move to Veenendaal

The two branches 'Driebergen' and 'The Hague' were brought under one roof by the move to the Kernreactorstraat in Veenendaal. Until the mid-90s, our HUB bolts were still produced here. In addition, this location offered the space for an efficient trading stock of fasteners, with which we could serve the Dutch market.


Acquisition by SEP Fasteners UK

Hoenderdaal Bevestigingen was taken over by the company SEP Fasteners from England. This collaboration, which also changed the name of the company, lasted until the late 90s. 

Start Hoenderdaal Fasteners with new owner

In the year 2000, the company was partly taken over by the general manager Niek Veldhuizen.


Acquisition of ring factory Geko

Hoenderdaal Fasteners takes over ring factory fa. Geko. The brand name Geko is still used on the rings that we sell today.


Fusie Rotadrill Industries en Hoenderdaal Fasteners

Together with Jan Grobben of the Veenendaal colleague company Rotadrill Indrustries, the entire share package of Hoenderdaal Fasteners will be taken over from the English. Rotadrill is saved from bankruptcy and so Jan and Niek continued as partners together with the two Veenendaal companies. Rotadrill Industries and Hoenderdaal Fasteners worked intensively together, but to this day they are two different companies.

Did you know?
Before Rotadrill was acquired Hoenderdaal sold screws with a blue tip under the name Bluepoint. We quickly stopped doing that and since then we only sell the well-known and successful screws with the red dot!


New ERP system SAP Business One

In 2009 we switched from DIGIS to SAP Business One. A huge change in the processes but with a lot of scaling up possibilities and proffesionalization as a result. An important step in the field of automation and digitization that we made at that time.


Move to Wageningselaan 18

The building on the Kernreactorstraat had become much too small with a warehouse of 3,500m2. Rotadrill was in a business premises a little further on the turbine street with 500m2. In the meantime, storage space further down the road had also been rented, making the internal logistics quite a puzzle. In the summer of 2011, the new building at Wageningselaan 18 was moved into at 200 metres from the Kernreactorstraat. This old Unigro distribution centre had enough space with 5,500 square metres and there was sufficient growth opportunity in the future.


Expansion warehouse to 7.500m²

The warehouse was already full in three years. In particular, the success of our business in Scandinavia meant that more space was needed. Fortunately, there was the possibility to rent another 2,000 square meters within the existing building and so we got enough room for growth again.


50th anniversary

In 2016 we celebrated our 50th anniversary as a specialist in the field of fastening technology.


New director

In 2017 Bart Veldhuizen took over the day-to-day management of the company from his father Niek Veldhuizen. Bart had previously been active in the company for 6 years as Product Manager. With the 1st share acquisition, the business transfer from father to son also started.


Expansion warehouse to 8.000m²

In 2018 we built another 500m2 within our walls, so that the total surface went to 8000m2. In order to make better use of the existing space, new racks have also been refined, creating space for an additional 1500 pallet places.


Go live new WMS

In 2017 we have already made the start with the optimization of the internal logistics processes. We made the choice for a new Warehouse-Management System where we could use Voice-Picking technology. In 2017 we started with a customized software solution, after which we finally made the choice in 2018 for the implementation of the WMS package from Actemium. In September 2019, we went live with this and managed to book a huge step windshield in process improvements in our logistics.


Sales manager Belgium

In order to be able to realize our ambitions at the southern neighbors, we have hired a Sales Manager Belgium. Wim de Wel has been with us since September 2020 and is going to put our brands and products on the map on the Belgian market.

Brand new ordering platform

In 2021, the new website went live. On this brand new ordering platform that is powered from our PIM system, you can easily find the right product from our total range of about 10,000 different fasteners with the help of smart filter options. In the webshop section, every customer sees his own prices and can check our stock. With smart functionalities such as a barcode scanner and a free-at-value meter, this is an important milestone for our further online strategy as a company.


Welcome Felcom

Felcom Fasteners a sister company of Hoenderdaal Fasteners. A branch of Hoenderdaal that focuses on fasteners projects, special fasteners and private label business aimed at foreign business with a specialism in screws and screw products.

With Jaap het Jonk as Managing Director, there is 25 years of ''fasteners experience'' at the helm of this company. With extensive knowledge from developing and importing in the Far East to selling and delivering to customers across Europe.


Acquisition of our building

On 22 December 2022, we became the proud new owner of the distribution centre we had been renting since 2011. Due to the growth of our business in recent years, we actually no longer fit into the 8,500 square metres of warehouse space. Taking over the entire complex, which totals 12,000 square metres of warehouse space, gives us the opportunity to expand further. This step guarantees the future of highly efficient and spacious logistics in Veenendaal.


For the origin of Hoenderdaal we go back to the last century. In 1966, the company was founded under the name Hoenderdaal Bevestigingen b.v. by Cees van 't Hoenderdaal Sr. and was based in Driebergen. At the time, Hoenderdaal was an agency in screws. In the initial period, the focus was mainly on wood screws, which were often sold in small packaging units to individual hardware stores and various chains. Over the years, the market for fasteners has changed considerably. The introduction of the chipboard screw in the 1980s caused a sharp drop in demand for wood screws. But the function of the wholesaler itself has also changed over the decades, and so Hoenderdaal changed along with the needs of the market.