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Hoenderdaal Fasteners b.v. is part of the holding company Janicor b.v. In this holding company there are three other independent sister companies of Hoenderdaal Fasteners. Since 2003 this has been Rotadrill Industries b.v. and since 2022 Felcom Fasteners bv. has been added. As of 2023, the WGL18 bv is also part of our holding company, this is the real estate company of our premises that we took over at the end of 2022.


Our organisational structure is as follows:


Rotadrill Industries b.v.

Rotadrill Industries b.v. is the bv that supplies the eponymous Rotadrill® screws; "the screw with the red tip''. Rotadrill® is the only screw in the world that can be recognised by the screw itself. The screw with the red tip is patented by us, so no other screws with red tips can be found anywhere in the world. The A-brand screws for the DIY enthusiast are available at large DIY chains such as GAMMA, Karwei, Bauhaus but also at various independent DIY shops. We have been in the screw business in the Netherlands and Belgium for over 50 years and are therefore the largest screw brand in the Netherlands for the DIY enthusiast.

Rotadrill® Industries was founded in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. The company was founded in the 1970s and the idea for the red tip actually came about by chance. One of Rotadrill®'s customers was a German car manufacturer. Two different sizes of screws were supplied, which had to be kept apart in the assembly process. The slightly shorter screw was for the left fender and the longer screw for the right fender. To properly tell them apart, they then put a red dot on the screw for the right side. Just red paint, in other words. But when seeing screws with red dots, Rotadrill® thought this was a powerful selling point; it gave visible recognition to the screw brand. Experiments were done with the addition of lubricants and so the true Rotadrill® screw was born; ''mit die Rote Gleispitze''.

In 2003 Rotadrill® Industries was acquired by another Veenendaal-based screw specialist; Hoenderdaal Fasteners b.v. and since 2010 both companies have been housed at one location in Veenendaal. Here, we develop our screws in our own screw lab. Production then takes place in Taiwan. The screws arrive in Veenendaal without the red tip. The special patented red lubricant was developed for us in Germany and every week 2 million screws are provided with a red dot by special coating lines at our premises in Veenendaal. The packaging is a Rotadrill® development as well; the distinctive transparent tubs and blisters are made for us by an injection moulding company in Tiel just down the road. Perhaps the plastic makes the packaging look less sustainable, but it is fully recyclable and because the tub is almost always reused, it is still very sustainable. We often hear from the market that they like our storage boxes; they are waterproof and stackable. Have all parts been made? Then the tubs, red-tipped screws and labels go to various sheltered workshops throughout the Netherlands. Around 50 people with a certain disadvantage on the labour market work here every day, packing our Rotadrill® screws. A great example of social and local entrepreneurship.

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Felcom Fasteners b.v.

Felcom Fasteners is a direct sister company of Hoenderdaal Fasteners which was founded in 2022 with co-owner Jaap het Jonk. It is a branch of Hoenderdaal that focuses on special fastening materials and private label business aimed at foreign business specialising in screws and screw products. Together with Felcom and Jaap, we will realise our gaming ambitions outside the Netherlands.

With Hoenderdaal's logistics and stocks at Felcom's disposal, we can immediately make a name for ourselves in the field of new export business. Customisation, product development and deliveries using the tightest possible supply chain is what characterises Felcom Fasteners' business. Quality products delivered in any desired packaging or quantity. Focused on wholesalers of fastening materials and iron products in Europe.

With Jaap het Jonk as Managing Director, there is 25 years of ''fastening materials experience'' at the helm of this company. With a lot of knowledge from developing and importing in the Far East to selling and delivering to customers all over Europe. With this knowledge and experience, we promise our customers the best quality at a fair and competitive price level.

If you have any questions about this partnership or perhaps you would like to do business with Felcom Fasteners?

Contact Jaap het Jonk


Or call +316 51 57 92 18