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Creates an optimal working environment, which leads to success and ensures the continuity of the company.
Image of Bart Veldhuizen
Bart Veldhuizen
Managing Director
Image of Niek Veldhuizen
Niek Veldhuizen


Ensures as many happy customers as possible
Image of Rico Folmer
Rico Folmer
Account manager
Image of Matthijs Kruidenier
Matthijs Kruidenier
Account manager
Image of Wim de Wel
Wim de Wel
Sales Manager België
Image of Henk Teeuwissen
Henk Teeuwissen
Teamleader inside sales
Image of René Meijer
René Meijer
Senior sales support
Image of John van Gent
John van Gent
Order support
Image of Menno van Dijk
Menno van Dijk
Customer support


Image of Timo van Harten
Timo van Harten
Export Manager
Image of Jaap het Jonk
Jaap het Jonk
General manager Felcom Fasteners & Exportmanager Hoenderdaal

Supply Chain

Ensures the right goods at the right time, for the best price and at the lowest cost
Image of Arnout Janssen van Doorn
Arnout Janssen van Doorn
Purchase manager
Image of Andres den Otter
Andres den Otter
Strategic buyer
Image of Ben Fokker
Ben Fokker
Senior production planner
Image of Ashley Hicks
Ashley Hicks
Purchase Assistant

Marketing & Productmanagement

Image of Johan van Beek
Johan van Beek
Product manager
Image of Nico Plantinga
Nico Plantinga
Productdata specialist
Image of Ciska Gelauf
Ciska Gelauf
Marketing communications
Image of Arend van de Lagemaat
Arend van de Lagemaat
Sales promoter
Image of Johan van den Deijssel
Johan van den Deijssel
Freelance graphic designer


Facilitates progress in our internal processes and with our customers
Image of Jacob Ordelman
Jacob Ordelman
IT manager
Image of Wilco van den Dikkenberg
Wilco van den Dikkenberg
Application manager WMS
Image of Tristan Hoogmoed
Tristan Hoogmoed

Finance & HR

Ensures accurate figures and a good team of satisfied employees
Image of Esther Rietveld
Esther Rietveld
HR manager
Image of Monika Darvasi
Monika Darvasi
Business administrator
Image of Gerda Steffers
Gerda Steffers
Administrative assistant
Image of Marina vanden Hof
Marina vanden Hof
Administrative assistant


Ensures that our customers receive their orders on time
Image of Rolant Kingma
Rolant Kingma
Manager operations
Image of Melvin Vago
Melvin Vago
Logistics support
Image of Edwin Oosterwijk
Edwin Oosterwijk
Teamleader outbound
Image of Michiel Oosterbroek
Michiel Oosterbroek
Teamleader production
Image of Drik Möller
Drik Möller
Senior teamleader inbound
Image of Gilda van Loon
Gilda van Loon
Teamleader internal workshop
Image of Piotr Tyloch
Piotr Tyloch
Coating operator