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Hoenderdaal Fasteners is located in Veenendaal. In the 9500 square meter logistics centre you can find an enormous stock of fasteners. With these they supply suppliers in the building, industrial and DIY sectors, in the Netherlands and other countries, on a daily basis.


11.000 fasteners
The warehouse offers space for over 15.000 pallets and around 11.000 different kinds of fasteners. This is how Hoenderdaal Fasteners promises their customers availability and fast deliveries. In the order pick they work with voice-picking; through the headset the order picker receives voiced instructions. This way the orders from customers in the Benelux, ordered before ten AM, are delivered the following day. Supplied to hardware stores, building material suppliers, and technical wholesalers in the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries around Europe.


Social entrepreneurship
For the packaging, Hoenderdaal cooperates with different social workplaces throughout the Netherlands. This way they provide work for about 250 people with a certain distance to the job market. They package around 80.000 boxes every week. A great win-win in social entrepreneurship.


Screw it, let’s do it!
At Hoenderdaal they cooperate with customers, suppliers and employees to build lasting relationships. The past 15 years the company has grown a fair bit and at the moment the team consists of about 65 driven Hoenderdaal employees. At Hoenderdaal they always see opportunities and like to think: screw it, let’s do it!