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The Hoenderdaal line are our non-branded fasteners. You will not find any logos on the labels of these articles. They are neutral cardboard packaging. As little as possible is included in the packaging, but they are still sufficiently solid to be well packaged.

The packaging is made of plain cardboard and is therefore also environmentally friendly and is also called our industrial packaging. Because there are no prints on the packaging, the Hoenderdaal fastener line is 'the best price per 100' for fasteners; the contents. No unnecessary frills, just good packaging with fasteners of professional quality.

Our Hoenderdaal chipboard screws carry our own label, which has a number of colours for the different types:

  • Green: PZ-drive galvanised
  • Red: TX-drive galvanised
  • Blue: Stainless steel screws

The Hoenderdaal line of fasteners is also used as filling packaging for our Grab&Fix shop concept.